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Community Impact Teams (CIT):

  • Promoting Independence
  • Strengthening Children Youth and Families
  • Meeting Immediate Human Needs

Finance Committee

  • Oversees monthly reconciliation of financial data
  • Oversees selection of auditor and audit response
  • Reviews and monitors annual budget
  • Reviews contracts and leases of the organization
  • Develops and reviews financial policies
  • Advises the Board of financial matters
  • Meet monthly

Human Resources Committee:

  • Reviews and updates personnel policies bi-annually or as needed
  • Evaluates the President annually
  • Recommends appropriate compensation and benefits
  • Meet as needed

Marketing Committee:

  • Acts as UW’s ad agency
  • Supports UW committees’ projects
  • Engages and educates people of UW
  • Complements UW strategic plan
  • Meet monthly

Resource Development Committee:

  • Review current sources of funding for UWMM
  • Discuss additional methods of developing resources
  • Establish a fundraising plan that meets UWMM’s current and future budgetary needs
  • Monitor fundraising efforts
  • Meet monthly

Space and Facilities Committee:

  • Completes annual building and facilities audit
  • Identifies repairs and cost-effective remediation as needed
  • Supports technology plan
  • Meet as needed

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