Community Impact Teams (CIT):

After reaching out to the community through an assesment we were able to find the areas that people in the community were looking for help in.  We created three community impact teams

  • Promoting Independence
  • Strengthening Children Youth and Families
  • Meeting Immediate Human Needs
These three teams were created to actively participate in United Way of Mid-Maine's effort to develop community expertise in a particular focus area, create a vision, identify critical objectives and work in partnership with community resources to achieve key results and improvements.  Community Impact Teams are United Way of Mid-Maine's primary mechanism for planning, status assesment, priority setting and allocations resources and results management.

Eligibility Committee

  • Reviews and provides recommendations for agencies applying to become a United Way of Mid-Maine Partner Agency
  • Reviews agency compliance issues; make recommendations to Board of Directors
  • Provides an Accountability check for donors by conducting an in-depth review that ensures that funded agencies meet standard requirements for a well-managed agency

Finance Committee

  • Oversees monthly reconciliation of financial data
  • Oversees selection of auditor and audit response
  • Reviews and monitors annual budget
  • Reviews contracts and leases of the organization
  • Develops and reviews financial policies
  • Advises the Board of financial matters

Human Resources Committee:

  • Reviews and updates personnel policies bi-annually or as needed
  • Evaluates the President annually
  • Recommends appropriate compensation and benefits

Marketing Committee:

  • Acts as UW’s ad agency
  • Supports UW committees’ projects
  • Engages and educates people of UW
  • Complements UW strategic plan

Nominating Committee:

  • Reviews and confirms membership
  • Considers new inclusive membership
  • Presents proposed names to the Board
  • Provides the slate of officers

Resource Development Committee:

  • Review current sources of funding for UWMM
  • Discuss additional methods of developing resources
  • Establish a fundraising plan that meets UWMM’s current and future budgetary needs
  • Monitor fundraising efforts

Space and Facilities Committee:

  • Completes annual building and facilities audit
  • Identifies repairs and cost-effective remediation as needed
  • Supports technology plan

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